“Ashley Hayek's Beat the Elites is a powerful and thought-provoking read that fearlessly exposes the flaws within our society. With a compelling blend of passion and insight, Hayek's call to action resonates deeply, making this book a must-read for all patriots who seek to challenge the status quo and bring about positive change. Prepare to be inspired and motivated by this eye-opening indictment of the elites.”

Matt Whitaker
former Acting Attorney General

“The opponents of our America First movement are going to hate this book, which is why anyone who wants to save America should read it!”

Kimberly Guilfoyle

“Ashley Hayek’s message could not be coming at a better time. Beat the Elites exposes how elites are destroying the very fabric of American communities and how every American can be equipped with the tools to stop them in their tracks.”

Mercedes Schlapp

“The 'elites' have preyed on the people and our rights for too long, but we have the power to fight back. Ashley Hayek, a new leader with a bold message, shows us how, making her book a must read and must share.”

Honorable Ken Blackwell

“Ashley Hayek echoes the spirit of our nation's forefathers with her compelling and resounding voice. 'Beat the Elites' is not just a book, but a patriotic call to action – an essential read that rekindles the flame of American resilience.”

Brooke L. Rollins

Beat the Elites Trailer

The so-called “elites” are waging war against the American People — and it's time for us to fight back. In her new book, BEAT THE ELITES, Ashley Hayek exposes the elites, reveals why we must beat them, and she provides the tools so we can.

The “elites” are undermining America.

They’ve been making the people poorer while they get rich, taking away our jobs but never losing theirs, violating our rights while protecting their own, and putting us in danger while they remain safe and sound.

Who exactly are these “elites”? What have they been doing to America? And how can we take back our country before it’s too late?

In BEAT THE ELITES, Ashley Hayek provides the explosive, often shocking answers. She exposes the elites’ war against the people. And she provides hands-on tools every patriot needs to use right now to save America.